NanoCam Pro Ambassador Kris Frome Wins Round 4 at the Australian Drifting Grand Prix!

Kris Frome

Kris Frome purchased his winning 1998 R34 GT-T Skyline in 2003, with only 18,000km on the clock, Kris had big plans in store for the R34. He then spent the following years putting countless hours into the R34, building his perfect show car travelling around Australia and winning numerous awards. With massive wheels, scissor doors, custom leather interior covering every square inch and more sound gear than you knew what to do with, the R34 is a striking build.

His latest achievement however has been at the Round 4 Australian Drifting Grand Prix 2014. With a few close calls Kris managed to drift his way into the top finalists of the competition held in Melbourne. Kris’s impressive R34 was equipped with two NanoCam Pro’s which captured the entire competition including Kris’s dramatic win.

Congratulations to Kris on this massive win, to view the race recorded with the NanoCam Pro please click here: